Keep An Eye On “Mobmedia” In 2010

15 01 2010

Heading into 2010, the new media reality is the 24/7-365 nature of information give and take for businesses and all other organizations.  Trendspotter Marian Salzman ranks the “mobmedia” phenomenon among the defining factors influencing how we’ll communicate in the year to come.

Three trends to watch in 2010:

  1. Growing mobmedia: The emerging mob mentality and virtual bullying over pressing political and pop culture issues in the social media sphere will continue to build on their current foothold. Who should care? Individuals, businesses, brands –  anyone who will be impacted by a story transforming, as Salzman says, “from one about the issue to one about the mob.”

  3. Inventing from necessity: Nonprofits and startups will be required to exercise greater creativity to raise funds – including creative networking and online tactics — as a result of the current economic climate.

  5. Creating  community: Growing use of social media tools – combined with a paradoxical growing sense of isolation – will result in hyperlocalization and community niches, meaning every business needs to be more local – in both the geographical and virtual sense.

The take-away? The growing role of social media, for both B2B and business-to-consumer communications, remains key – in protecting your good name/brand, in growing support and in connecting with clients and customers.

~ Angela Shultis

Source: PR Tactics

Read more on Salzman’s predictions at: Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog and




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